Brian Hilliard is a Popular Speaker, Coach & Author of the Best-Selling Book “Networking Like a Pro!”

As a graduate of Duke University, Brian started his
business in 2001, and during that time he has written
5 books, created 200+ videos/podcasts, and has spoken at literally hundreds of business meetings and conferences across the country in the areas of Marketing, Mindset & Personal Achievement.

Bottom Line: Brian shows Busy Entrepreneurs what to do – and stop doing – to get more business right away.

“You have helped me focus on how I can grow and sustain my business. You continue to help me move forward, and I worry a lot less about the future.” Doug Kruse

Coach & Speaker

Popular Speaking Topics

How to Overachieve w/o Over Committing

Have you ever felt completely overwhlemed?

Like you’ve got so much going on that you’re not sure where to start, much less how you’re going to get it all done?

Well say no more as Best-Selling Author Brian Hilliard shows participants some super simple tips and tricks to get more done…without killing themselves in the process!

How to Get More Referrals from Everyone You Meet

Let’s face it: In today’s Relationship Economy, it’s not what you know, but who you know that counts.

So the question becomes, as a Busy Entrepreneur, what can you do to meet more people and squeeze more referrals out of your networking and other “word of mouth” marketing activities?

Great question!  And one Brian Hilliard tackles head on, pulling out some niffty little nuggets from his best-selling book, “Networking Like a Pro!”

Brand & Grow Your Coaching Practice

As a Coach or Consultant, you already know that branding and growing your practice is absolutely vital to your business success.

But the real question is, “How can you do that without being that pushy, over the top sales person no one likes?”

Because let’s face it: You become a Coach to work with people and make a meaningful impact in their lives… not constantly chasing people down, “selling” them on why they should work with you!

Which is why Coach & Best-Selling Author Brian Hilliard takes his 15+ years of Coaching experience and distills them into an easy to use framework that allows people to brand and grow their practice…while still staying in line with their mission and integrity as a Coach.

How to Get More Biz Out of an Already Swamped Day

Let’s face it: As a Busy Entrepreneur you’ve got a lot on your plate!

You’re the Chief Cook & Head Bottle Washer all rolled up into one, and if you’re like most, you can finsih up your day knowing that you were busy, but still have a hard time finding any tangile results (read business!) from it.

Well say no more as Best-Selling Author Brian Hilliard shows Busy Entrepreneurs some tips and tricks for squeezing more business out of an already swamped day.

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